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Givin' the world is easy...

Ever wanted to give the world to someone special? Now you can! The stunning beauty of our universe, is now captured in a breathtaking piece of jewelry, A one-of-a-kind necklace anyone will adore!

Ocosmos™ Nebula Necklace

Nebula Necklace

Magnificent design

Inspired by the beauty of our nature, crafted to emulate the jaw dropping beauty from the star lit skies above. There is just something special about the beauty of space that has left humans in awe since the dawn of time.

See The Big Picture

During stressful times, hold close and be reminded to see things from a higher perspective. How small our problems really are in the grand scheme of the universe. Become present, aware and gain a moment of zen and peace.

A Timeless Art piece

Each Nebula Necklace is unique, no two pieces are identical. They are handcrafted by skilled glass artisans with a mission to emulate the beauty of space. Your purchase comes with an aesthetically designed display case.

Join thousands of happy customers!

We’ve served over thousands happy customers around the globe! Come join the Ocosmos™ family and shine bright with your unique Nebula Necklace!

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Customers Reviews

I was left in awe…
I'm going to be honest, I hardly ever write any reviews for items I buy (or any other online store), but this totally deserves it... I was left in awe the moment I opened the box, revealing the treasure it was holding inside. I especially love the details and how it even improves in the light! Love it!!!
Sophia E.

Very Satisfied with my Purchase!
I’m seriously amazed, it is so beautiful! Looks just like the pictures, great quality and really does a good job emulating the planets suspended in space. Very satisfied with my purchase! As an astronomy loving person this really hits the spot!
Amanda K.

She was so happy and surprised!
These pendants are stunning! I bought these as a gift for my wife. I told her I was giving her world! Pretty cheesy, but she was so happy and surprised!
Sebastian L.
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